The Charm Of A Psychopath

Charming is charming. A true psychopath, one that has been diagnosed, will be able to disarm a person’s will and have them become enamored of their words and actions. They can do no wrong and others will actually make excuses for their errant deeds.

After living with one for 8 years, I saw it happen over and over again. Unless the other person is truly schooled in what a psychopath is, such as a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a judge who has had dealings with them and has educated themselves about their ways, a psychopath will attempt to pull the wool over their eyes.

They can do so quite easily. They hone in on the other persons wants, needs and words and parrot them back so they are in sync with them immediately. This causes a symbiosis with the other person that “feels good” at the time, kind of a deja vu, but the other person doesn’t realize that the psychopath is simply parroting back. They think that they’ve found a person who is very much like them, who lives in their world, who follows their social mores, laughs at their jokes and believes whatever it is they are talking about.

So a complacency with yourself but also with the other person begins. You find this other person quite charming, because, after all, they are just like you and they find you absolutely perfect.

They’re highly considerate of what you are saying, which is why they are listening attentively, because they must parrot it back. They appear confident, humorous, kind, a people-person, not wanting to seek attention to themselves and positive. All good qualities. All fake qualities that they have honed through the years. But underneath it all, lies a dark person that is scheming to figure out what they can get out of you and how you can fill a void in their sick, twisted mind.

They will go on like this for a short few weeks if it is to be a romantic relationship. You’ll wonder how could it be so wonderful so quickly. It isn’t. The psychopath is doing their job, that’s all. Or if they need to convince someone they’ve simply done their homework and will twist a conversation but the other person will never realize what has happened.

The psychopath is slick. They plan. Remember, they’ve been doing their work for years on others. You aren’t the first to come along and you won’t be the last. Everyone is a mark to them. Until they no longer need that mark. And that’s when the true danger begins.



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