Will A Narcissist Miss You When You Leave Them? Should You Care?


Ivanka Trump-Feminist or Daddy’s Little Girl?

So what is a feminist? And why do people shy away from admitting they are proponents of women? Even women are hesitant to say they are feminists. That’s a mind-boggling thought to me. I’m proud to admit that I will stand up for women and their rights in our society and other cultures around the world. Not only in one set of economic standards, but for women with varying financial backgrounds.

But you have to start at home. Young women may have children or not have children, the choice is theirs. Birth-control is a necessary health care benefit that helps them to get ahead in the business world. If they do already have children, they need day care for their children. A mother’s job is not easy.

Ivanka Trump is attempting to put together a fund to support female entrepreneurs around the world. She has said, “The statistics and results prove that when you invest in women and girls, it benefits both developed and developing economies.” Sounds like a wonderful and encouraging statement, but it’s not. It’s a smokescreen statement that means nothing when in reality, the person saying it will not come out with distinct statements supporting women’s rights.

Ivanka Trump met with Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood in April to discuss what Planned Parenthood is about. Apparently, she was unaware of the behind the scenes logistics of this organization and needed to be filled in on exactly how Planned Parenthood operates. She still remains silent on the topic  although she has told news media she has told her father privately how she feels. That means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Those are words, Ivanka Trump. Words that  you are not backing up with reality.

She also had a plan that was backed by Democrats for  affordable, accessible childcare with tax credits (although the tax credits were not as beneficial for lower tax brackets). We are still waiting.

So the point of all this is what does Ivanka Trump do in the White House? She talks beautifully. As she should, she is well-educated. She calms Daddy down. She’s Daddy’s little girl. She’s being sent as an envoy without the explicit knowledge needed for this job around the world. She admitted that she didn’t have the knowledge she needed at the Women’s Summit in Berlin when she said she hoped to garner as much knowledge as possible from being invited as a participant.

So instead of starting with the people that voted her father in, middle America and blue-collar workers, those who put their hopes and dreams in someone who told them that they would bring America back, she is aiming her goals at entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs deserve help, too, yes. But how many entrepreneurs voted for Trump? Who needs help more? People with college educations with start-up businesses they have created or people in the rust-belt who are on unemployment and believed that the coal factories and/or their jobs were being brought back? Citizens of our country who need to simply put food on the table, pay their rent/mortgage, find affordable daycare and have affordable healthcare that answers their needs and maybe go out once a month if it’s in their budget?

Ivanka Trump needs to look not at the wealthier, although these are who are in her immediate circle, so that’s who she is accustomed to seeing. She needs to address the entire country she lives in and actually work with them. Not give them lip service. She has a chance to actually do some good for the people, but she isn’t. She is following as Daddy’s Little Girl.

No one can diagnose her as a narcissist by seeing her actions only. But Ivanka Trump shows no empathy for those truly in need of help. There are women in America in dire straights who need Planned Parenthood. After meeting with the President of Planned Parenthood in April, Ms. Trump still wants to develop and raise money for women who are entrepreneurs? She isn’t talking about Planned Parenthood and the women who depend on the services they provide. Why?  We’ve all seen her angry when an interview didn’t go her way (Cosmopolitan). This is what happens when you are the daughter of POTUS. You are asked questions. You need to answer them with grace and style. But if parts of Daddy are in you, well, maybe you can’t.  I don’t believe she can recognize what little America wants or needs. If she could, she would have done something for the hurting people of America by now. She wouldn’t be selling clothes that she makes in another country and ships here for prices that many Americans cannot afford. She would be attempting to help the women of America in some way that hits home. But she is not.

I’m still waiting, Ivanka Trump. You have an opportunity as the daughter of POTUS. You took this “job” in the White House. Make it worthwhile instead of being fodder for the press. Make your 4 years legendary as a woman who made strides for women, who someday women will actually look up to, not down on. You are an intelligent woman who has the financial means, the backing and now the power to actually create projects that will benefit more people that need them right now and will benefit from them for generations to come. Make all women proud of you, not just a select few in your immediate financial circle. Start at home and look at your father’s constituents. Ask them what they need. That might help you devise programs for your own country that benefit the right people. If this is something you are emotionally capable of doing.

Don’t be afraid to come out and actually do the work behind your words, Ivanka Trump. That’s what a true feminist does. Because as of right now? You’re still Daddy’s Little Girl.



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Ivanka Trump, Daddy’s Little Girl

Ivanka Trump, Daddy’s Little Girl. Perpetuating the idea that men will always save you and , always be there for you and most importantly, always take you on your meteorical rise to the top. Because you can’t do it alone. You do what they say, you live your life as they do, you protect them as they protected you. And you believe in your heart, that it’s the right thing to do. No matter who you hurt.

The funny thing is, you’re hurting women, you’re hurting workers around the world, you’re hurting you’re own children and you’re hurting your own Mother. Ivanka, you pay workers in factories $62 for 60 hours of work a week to manufacture your goods.  How much money do you make from these products? You are stepping on people just as certainly as your father has stepped on you and fooled you into believing that you are living a life of freedom. Your thoughts are not your own if you truly believe your own answers when asked about your father’s groping of women.

It is the perpetuation of excusing men for this type of behavior that not only continues the behavior in a society, but demeans women. Often men don’t speak up for fear of embarrassment or bullying. When people excuse this type of behavior with words like “men will be men”; “boys will be boys,always”; always a player” and similar other words, remember that these are excuses for someone with low moral standards and a sickness.

Just as these perpetrators display Red Flags, so do the people that excuse them. They, too, display Red Flags. They are showing others that it’s ok to behave in this manner. It’s simply not ok. How can anyone in good conscience tell a little girl that’s been molested that “It’s ok that a man touched you. After all, men will be men!” Of course that’s not ok. It makes people sick to hear that.

So, what is the difference where a man looks at a woman who happens to have a beautiful body in their eyes, and lusts after her with lewd comments that are unwarranted? Even more so, gropes her or kisses her without her consent? The word for what he is doing is molestation. No matter the age of the woman, she is still being molested. This is an act against her will. Yet people will say comments like, “Boys will be boys” and “Look at her, can you blame him?” Yes, I can blame him. He had absolutely no right touching her and making comments to her. I don’t care what his particular thoughts are, he needs to keep them to himself. No means No.

Some women are strong and will fight back, while others won’t or cannot summon the will to fight back. Some are afraid they’ll lose their jobs. They need that income to support their families and the men that exhibit this type of behavior know the implications of the women on the receiving end. They take advantage of them. Not only is it a game for their sick minds, it’s a well-thought out manipulation designed as a power play. The law is on the side of the victim and always has been since 1964.

I am not saying it isn’t difficult to fight back, but fighting back is mandatory if we are to take predators down. We must show them that they are not wanted in our world, in our society. The damage that they do to the minds of people is long-lasting and irreparable to some people. Not only does it take away their freedom, but it takes away their egos, it removes their feelings of self, it takes down their trust factors of other people and can create feelings of hopelessness. Yet, for some reason, this type of behavior is allowed.

Unless, it happens to Your Daughter. Then something changes. Imagine if Trump grabbed your daughter’s vagina and stuck his tongue down her throat against her will, how would you feel? Still feel “a guy’s a guy”? Still thinking it’s ok? I wonder how Ivanka would feel when her daughter is older if a man grabbed her, pushed her against a wall, and did these things to her. How would she and her husband react? If the man were a high-powered official, would she still say that the man can do a good job and we should look at his record instead and ignore what the press says about him? Would she throw her daughter under the bus that way?

Tsk, tsk, Ivanka Trump for being Daddy’s little girl, throwing women under the bus and turning the other cheek when it’s time to stand up for women. For pretending to be for women, when reality tells us you’re really against them. When reality tells us you really don’t care what happens to women in America or any part of the world, for that matter. You’ve been taught well. A Machiavellian showpiece that mesmerizes all but says nothing of value that would help.

Is Ivanka Trump so focused on her father that she sees him only as Daddy’s little girl and not truly as the man he is? Go to YouTube and visit this url https://youtu.be/L4JgpYz-dqo, then visit any discussion about her recent visit to Germany or learn more about her. Learn why she was booed at the women’s summit in Germany.

Ivanka Trump needs a reality check when she tells the media that she wants to help women. She talks a good game, but she has yet to produce results. Then again, she has learned from her Daddy’s knee. She is Daddy’s Little Girl. He displays narcissistic traits at the least, what else has she garnered from him?



All works past, present and future are protected under a CCC. Creative Common License, Kaarie Blake Musings by Kaarie Blake is licensed under a Creative Common Attribution-Noncommercial-Noderivs-3.0-Unported License.