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Always Hiding

Sorceress is the moniker of a  woman who has survived the repeated attempts of a diagnosed psychopath who has attempted to murder her  and has been in her life since 1999. She considers herself a Survivor.

Hi. I call myself Sorceress because life is magickal at times. If one tends to look at life as something that has no future then well, you might as well give up. I want to have goals. I want to have a future. And I do.

I also have a past. Unfortunately for me, that past has made me a victim. Some sit and wallow in their past and stay there. I refuse to do that. I believe you can learn from your mistakes if you are wise and try hard enough. Of course, I am never going to forget what happened to me during those years and what could possibly happen in my present or future. Daniel is still alive.

As a matter of fact, one-half of that team is out-of-commission. I say that with happiness because his mother controlled him so ruthlessly, with no remorse and no thought for what would happen to him or to me. There will be stories ahead of what she did, both to him and to me. How she wished him dead at times for her convenience.

That woman he called his mother, Sandra, is now in an assisted-living home. I’m more than sure having to rely on others for help is one hell of an inconvenience for someone who has a narcissistic personality with a histrionic streak. But hey, Karma is a bitch when it comes back to bite you on the ass. And in her case? It came hard. Oh, by the way?  I’m not always hiding.

Thank you for reading my story.



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