Survival Of A Psychopath(With Borderline Tendencies…Phishing…Harassment…On And On….)

I visited Doc Holly recently. Physically, I’m doing far better than she ever expected. I thank the higher powers that I believe in for this. I believe firmly in Karma. I believe that what goes around comes around.

For instance, take Sandra. Put in an assistance-living home, she was a woman that always took care of herself and was extremely active. She didn’t like others helping her and having to depend on someone else. If she did have to depend on someone else, then she would want to call the shots and be the center of attention. When a person is in a nursing home, they are but one of many patients, and in a long line of people who are taken care of daily. She would have to wait her turn every day. No longer free to jump into her vehicle at will, stuck in her room, waiting at the mercy of others to care for her. Karma’s a bitch and it will get you every time.

I wonder sometimes why I am spared. Daniel left me for dead in the first motor-vehicle accident. Granted, I sustained injuries and the climb back to walking and talking was exceedingly difficult. But I made it back. I faced down his black cold eyes and the butcher knife in his hands wrapped around my neck. I’m still here.

There is some reason for all of this. After I received the PFA from the courts, Doc Holly kept encouraging me to write my story about them and their abuse of me. She would tell me that although the story was horrific and seemed surreal, it needed to be told. It took me a few years to begin to even think about putting down my thoughts on paper. My nightmares were too intrusive. I couldn’t sleep. Daniel was still stalking me. I was moving every few months when he would find me. Eventually, I felt safe in a home I had in a county that assured me they don’t tolerate abusers like him. That’s when I started to write.

But that wasn’t the end of Daniel. I’ve had one attempted break-in at this home. I’ve had three acts of deliberate vandalism. I won’t move again. Both of these occurrences happened on Mother’s Day week-end the last two years I have lived in this home and reeked of Daniel’s signature. The first attempted break-in happened at about 3:30 a.m. outside my kitchen window. Someone had moved items I had placed in front of the window to gain closer access to it. They then broke the lock on the storm window to open it. My dog instinctively ran downstairs, hackles raised, teeth bared and snarling. She was ready to battle. I never had an opportunity to see who it was, because apparently something frightened them away.

I reported this attempted break-in to the police and they promised to keep an eye on my house constantly. I don’t feel afraid and never have felt frightened. My house is protected should anyone attempt to break-in. Enough said.

Two days later, after a walk with my dog, I went into my backyard. I was with a friend and we both stopped before we actually reached the yard. There are a few steps leading to the yard and I usually let the dogs run before me. This time, I pulled back on their leashes when I saw what someone had dug into the ground and left there for them. An 12″ by 12″ solid plate-glass window sheet was dug into the ground sitting straight up. If I had let the dogs keep walking ahead of me, they would have bounded straight into the piece of glass and cut their faces/snouts/noses on this glass. Luckily for me, I just happened to have my friend over walking the dogs with me for proof of this horrible incident.

I immediately called the police. When the sergeant arrived and took one look at it, he looked up at my roof, back down at the glass and said, “That didn’t fall off the roof. It seems its meant for your dogs. Someone dug it into the ground so they would hurt themselves.”  I agreed with him, telling him if whoever had done this wanted me to hurt myself, they would have left the glass flat, so I would have slipped on it instead. The look on his face was of pure disgust, that someone would attempt to hurt an animal. He knew the story about Daniel.  The department had discussed him apparently that day. Again,the police promised protection.

This year, a few days before Mother’s Day, someone punched in my screen door, reached in and ripped down my wreath. A day later, one of my dog’s tie-outs, which is dug into the ground a few feet, had been pulled out of the ground and thrown close to the house. The lead that used to be on it (a chain) was clipped into four separate pieces. So I reported it to the police again. Again, they’re monitoring the house. They really want to catch whomever is coming here on Mother’s Day each year.

My son told me he feels Daniel would pick Mother’s Day deliberately, knowing that I enjoy spending that day with my children. And if he could cast a shadow over that day by appearing and vandalizing my home in some way, then he’s done his psychopathic job. Personally, at this point, I realize the guy is one sick man. I’ve had so many offers to take care of him it’s laughable. He’ll trip himself soon. The day will be here quicker than he thinks. Another friend down in the area recently told me that Daniel stopped by his place and had this conversation with him:

Daniel: “I got married again. I’m real happy.”

Friend: “That’s great.”

Daniel: “Yeah, real happy. Couldn’t be better with this woman.”

Friend: “Wonderful. I’m glad.”

Daniel: “Hey…you see her(me) around? Do you know where she lives? Do you know what she looks like now?”

Friend: “Why you asking?”

Daniel: “Have you seen her? Has she been around? What does she look like? I know she always stops in to see you.”

Friend: “For someone who says he just got married and is so happy why you asking so many questions about another woman? You didn’t get married. No wedding ring on your finger.”

My friend told me Daniel became angry at being caught in his own lies and took off immediately when he realized his ruse about “getting married” didn’t work to try to elicit information about me from my friend. My friend had protected me and told him that he hadn’t seen me in years and that I don’t come down to those parts anymore. He said he could see right through Daniel’s phishing act and he wasn’t going to give him any information about me. Daniel never had remarried, it turned out.

It’s been over 13 years since I first met Daniel. It’s just short of 6 years that I received the first Protection From Abuse Order to evict him from my home. And just two months ago Daniel resurfaced from his last few years of going underground to hitting me with a lawsuit. And of course, he didn’t reveal the full history to his attorney about the relationship being one of extreme domestic psychological violence with him going to jail or that he is in contempt of his PFA by not fulfilling certain obligations that the original judge ordered on it.

The man sees only what he wants and that is his obsessions. He has vilified my reputation to his attorney for the second time in four years. Again, I’ve told this attorney to bring him to court and let’s argue it there. But Daniel won’t appear in court. Why? Wanted on warrants, the moment he steps foot in the courthouse he will be arrested. So he hires a lawyer to harass me, not telling the lawyer the full story, believing I will be upset at what he is doing. Except I’m not upset. Daniel needs to be accountable for all he has done. And that is what I have told this attorney. Because Daniel needs to not slip through the cracks again.



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