Survival Of A Psychopath(With Borderline Tendencies…Red Flags #4…Why Does He Lie?)

Pathological lying is a disorder. A psychopath suffers from pathological lying. What exactly is pathological lying vs. white lies vs. lying in general?

Pathological lying redirects in wikipedia to: .

Understand this is a completely different ballgame. Pathological lying can cover a myriad of dysfunctional disorders, including but not limited to :

What I am referring to specifically is the psychopath that lies. Why he lies, when he began lying and why he continues to lie. A neat little package with a lot of red flags that point to the person he is, including all of his lies.
I’ll name a few types of lies to help you understand what I’m referring to. Remember, these are his lines at the beginning of the relationship to reel you in and catch you before you have a chance to spit that hook out of your mouth. Within days of meeting him, you’ll hear these words spill from his lips, romancing you, caressing your mind.
1. I’ve never met a woman like you and never thought I ever would.
2. I’m leaving my wife, it was over anyway.
3. Now I believe in soul mates.
4. I want you to have my children.
5. We’ll never have to worry about money.
6. It was always her, she was the trouble in the relationship…I don’t know why I put up with her…guess I was the good guy.
7. I want children (I don’t want children) depending on your wants.
8. She hated sex,  she made me go to prostitutes, I feel so  dirty because of her.
9. I used to hate getting up in the morning, now I have you to look forward to every time I wake up.
10. I was the red-headed step-child in the house (or the abused child, or the hated son, or the disliked child, etc.)
11.You’re the the only one.
12. I want to make a commitment with you-now.
13. You are so wonderful…I don’t deserve you or you deserve someone better than me.
14.No one’s ever turned me on like you do!
15. My wife is dying and I cannot divorce her.
16. I love you.
17. I’ll call/text you.
18. Only you make me feel these tingles.
19. I swear I’ve never felt this way about anyone else.
20. That’s the best sex I’ve ever had.
21. Yes, I’m looking for a relationship.
22. No, I’m not into FWB’s. (FriendsWithBenefits)
23. I get tested monthly.
24. I’m not into random sex.
25. I’m not married.
Yes, some of these lines are perfectly reasonable when said in the context of a relationship that has been sustained over  time. A period of time that consists of months. A time when a couple has had time to explore one another, learn about each other and has divulged personal information to each other. When a couple has learned to trust each other.
Trust is an important factor in divulging personal information, confidential information and believable romantic promises. 
Many of these lines are designed to frustrate and confuse you. Remember you are his target. This is his scenerio and the psychopath is playing you. This is his game.
In the series Red Flags #4, the next 25 best lies you could hear.

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