Survival Of A Psychopath(With Borderline Tendencies…The Psychopath Game…)

The charm of a psychopath. The way to gain your trust. Little nuances that suggest they trust you. All designed to seduce you as quickly as possible before you know what hit you. That’s their game. It’s a manipulation well-designed, thought-out and well-practiced for many years.  Depending on their age when you meet them, they are masters at it.

The game consists of collecting people who the psychopath has entrusted unto them. In one way or another. He has used his well-honed manipulative skills to have the other person fall for him without realizing what has happened, whether the person was looking to fall in love or looking for a relationship or not, or they gained the trust of a stranger in circumstances where someone should have been more cautious. Before they knew what hit them, they are wrapped by the tendrils of the psychopath and are finding it exceedingly difficult to get out.

The psychopath moves on. He collects people as toys. As items. As playthings that he discards once he has used them. Once he has no use for them anymore. Once he has used whatever has originally caught his eye and is no longer there. This can be done in two different ways. Actually, in more than two ways. I’ll give you a few examples.

Example Number One: Psychopath finds a woman to play with that is alluring and catches his eye. She appears elusive to him, but is quickly drawn to him. She is an easy target for him, and fall for him rather quickly. She is easy to manipulate, needy and vulnerable. She is an easy target for him. Remember, the psychopath plays the game looking for vulnerable women that are easy to fall for him. Once they fall, they fall hard. They fall quickly, and sometimes, so quickly that they don’t realize what has happened. All they do realize is that they are aware of this man taking care of them, around them constantly, romancing them and seducing them like no other man ever has before him. The Psychopath makes sure to find out what is lacking in this woman’s life before and fills that void. The game is finished for him. She has fallen hard and he has won.

Example Number Two: The Psychopath finds a woman who is interesting to him, again elusive and alluring. The problem is, she is unattainable for some reason. Perhaps she is married, or dating another. He must now figure a way to get into her life unobtrusively without her realizing that he is manipulating his way into her life without her realizing what he is doing. She has something that he wants. She doesn’t realize this at the time. Her life may be lacking in something, perhaps romance, perhaps some type of happiness, and he senses it. Again, vulnerability. What the Psychopath sees best in a woman. He zeroes in and attacks. He looks for the voids in her life, asking the right questions so he can fill the right holes. As soon as he does, he has her hooked. Again, he manipulated her. The Psychopath looks for a weaker woman to seduce, overtake and then abuse.

In The Psychopath Game, what does the Psychopath want? What is it that he so desperately needs? Why does he search out certain women? What do these women have in common? Why do they seem to cross paths with these personality types?What is the common denominator?

There are obvious traits in a personality that will expose a person to a manipulator. I’ll list some of these traits, not necessarily in order, that a psychopathic personality looks for when he is searching out a victim.

Traits Of The Victims Of The Psychopathic Personality: (Some, not all, possible listed):

1. neediness; 2. vulnerability; 3. loneliness; 4. lack of friends; 5. lack of family; 6. ease of control; 7. self-esteem issues; 8. lower self-ego; 9. lack of inner strength; 10. opportunist(opportunity); 11. ability of freedom; 12.a willingness to give in.

Not all of these components need to be present. But certainly a mix of them need to be present for the psychopath to be interested in his next victim.



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