Survival Of A Psychopath…(with Borderline Tendencies)…Where It Began…

So PP&L kept haunting me after all those years. I rent a house now. The perfect little house. I have waited for this day to come. I feel my old self again, in a house, that is. Grew up in one, lived in one apartment when I  married for a short time, then my ex-husband R and I  began buying houses. Eleven in a row owned by us. After the divorce, I bought another where I lived with the psychopath.

From the day I left that house with only the clothes on my back and my trusty Toyota, I lived in various apartments/homes/cottages until I found this place. I am finally home and feeling peaceful again. I can hang up my boots. I can decorate. I can cook. I can settle in. I can call it mine. I can have furniture and a bed and sheets and pillows. All things others take for granted. Yes, attempts  at being a human are quite calming.

So I start the phone calls to set up utility services. The electric company is PP&L. (start foreboding, eerie music here) I call to set up my new account. No problem ensues. Hmmmmm. Odd. Maybe the account was paid off a few years back by the CEO of the last county. Maybe, just maybe PP&L took that offer that the Community Economic Organization offered them a few years back on my behalf. Maybe enough time had passed in the statutes. Maybe I was wrong in my dreams.

The letter arrives within two weeks of the lease signing. I owe them close to 4K. (Big sigh.) Time to find all my paperwork. Time to ready myself for a long story on the phone. Same information, different people. Same argument, different people. Here goes.

Somehow miracle of miracles, I get a nice customer service rep this time. After reviewing my account, she reveals something to me. Something important. Something PP&L should have told me about awhile back. Something PP&L never revealed to me after all their accusations to me about my account.

When I was underground, when I was in the cottage with the cows and the corn, surrounded by nothingness, I lived a life that was very busy. I was going back and forth to my locker storage to go through black bags given to me by Mike(you’ll find out later) from my home. I would go around 1 a.m. and come home a few hours later. I was all alone in the middle of the units. I would dress as always, jeans, sleeveless tees, my shit-kicking boots. And my trusty “tools”. In case I needed one. To help me in any way possible should the wrong person come along. And my attitude.

When I moved to the next town, the new apartment’s  utility company was who else? PP&L.  When I called them to set up service, that’s when I first found out about this huge bill. That’s when I first found out that I had split myself in two by setting up an account back in my formerly owned home, not paying that bill, breaking the lock on the meter repeatedly and constantly using their service. At least, according to them.

I tried to explain, quite concertedly, very calmly, and repeatedly, that I was not in that area. There wasn’t any way that I was responsible for what was going on at Chelsea Avenue anymore. Mike, the new owner was the one responsible. Oh no, they said, I was. After all, it was I that had re-opened the account after I had sold the house.

I told them there was a break in the electricity. The city had condemned the house.  Thanks to the psychopath destroying it.  PP&L had sent me paperwork of the electrical  history of  the home. It showed the break. But to them, that didn’t prove a damn thing. PP&L told me all that showed was that there was a break in the electricity. Yes, I told them, when the house is sold there is a break in the electricity to show change in ownership.

Fast forward two years. So here I am, armed with all that information. I have received so many replies from CS people and their supervisors it’s amazing that they are taught by the  same employee manual and company. Of course, it does all boil down to the same thing: money, money and mo’ money to PP&L, regardless if it’s fraud money or clean money. It doesn’t matter to them. They have probably heard sob story after sob story. Which in turn makes their CS reps jaded to real people with real stories. Like me.

I am listing the responses for you so you can see the variety. Adding up to personal time on me? Hours to the tune of 11.54.

#1.  I was asked to pay $107.00 plus $66.00 plus my current balance by “C”.

#2.  I was told to pay to pay $107.00 immediately and then pay $297.08 by the 21st of that month by “N”.

#3.   I was given an amount of $40.54  to pay  by “D.”

#4.   “A” told me I should pay $40.54.

#5.  “R” asked me to pay $56.99.

#6.  “M” said to wait for the shut-off  notice then call the Public Utilities Commission to tell my story and see if they could intervene.

#7.  “C” told me to pay $107.00 now, then come up with $66.00 along with the current bill of $4,055.98, asking if that was possible?

#8.   I finally worked out a payment agreement of $107.00, in another week I was responsible for $52.12 + $66.00(to pay for the fraudulent bill that I was refuting), and then starting in September I would be on a budget for $20.o0 a month for my electricity and pay $66.00 towards the refuted fraudulent charges that the police would be investigating against Mike who had purchased the house. Investigations would also begin against Daniel and his mother who had never paid the electric bill while I was in the hospital (another story to be told during this series) and had apparently left  me with it, and finally  investigate the lawyer who had closed on the sale of the house where his job was to pay  all bills and clear them before settlement.

So here I sat, still dealing with memories of the psychopath and his mother. Still trying to pay bills that involved him. He and his mother had made sure I was financially drained. Even though his last words to me were , “I won’t rest until I see you sitting on a curb, homeless, without a soul around you, broken and crying.” , I still wasn’t there yet. I don’t plan on ever going to that place. I’m too strong. And he’s too weak.

Much of this doesn’t make sense yet, but it will. The PP&L bill became the catalyst where I decided to begin to document my story, “Survival Of A Psychopath(With Borderline Tendencies…), my personal story of my survival against a documented psychopath that stalked and attempted to murder me.

See you the next chapter.



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